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The Art of Arborist

What does an arborist do? An arborist is an expert in the field of arbovirology, which is the study, conservation, treatment, and growth of trees, shrubs, plants, and other arboreal woody plants in horticulture and forestry. They are also called “bird dogs” because they often provide valuable information about the state and condition of various species of birds in their local area. This type of professional is most often found in state parks, private conservation organizations, or wilderness programs.

An arborist’s main focus is to plant selection, which involves evaluating, locating, and analyzing a tree’s physical qualities and disease resistance mechanisms. The arborist will also perform some pruning, if necessary, to ensure the best possible health of a plant. Some of the duties of an arborist include determining the appropriate planting density, determining whether or not a tree is suitable for lightning protection, determining the best placement for a tree’s root system, determining the correct spacing between tree limbs for maximum tree stability, preparing the planting site for a tree transplant, or repairing damage caused by severe storms or high winds. In some cases, a tree may need to be removed or relocated in order to meet local zoning requirements. Sometimes, the tree is just cut down and replaced with a younger more desirable tree.

Arborists use different types of tools to care for trees. For instance, a grower uses pruning shears to trim branches and loosen up thickets, while an arborist needs to have the proper tools and training for tree care. Arborists must be licensed by the division of plant services in your county. They can be found at schools or arborist shops. Some states require that arborists be certified in hand gardening as well as tree care.

Arborist training will include a heavy metal art degree. They will likely spend many hours working on the field as well as taking extensive courses on soil biology, plant anatomy, wind and tree removal, etc. The arborist will most likely be involved in some form of tree removal or arborizing project at one time or another throughout their career.

Tree planting and caring for woody plants are an art that can’t be learned in a day. It takes a certain level of commitment, patience, education, skill, and a love of nature. A person who has these natural gifts is a perfect arborist. Arborist can specialize by focusing on a particular type of shrub, such as a tree, vine, shrubbery, or vine; or they can work with all types of trees and plant life.

Trees are essential to our way of life. Without trees, we would not be able to see the sky, drive on the road, or even enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Arborist is important to our world and the preservation of our environment. The art of tree pruning deserves to be recognized and rewarded.

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