Times Are Rough – No Corporate Gifts This Year?

We all know that the current global economical and financial market situation is nothing to brag about and it seems likely to remain this way for a few more years to come. Companies are dismissing employees, expenses are being drastically reduced and other money saving strategies are implemented. But does this mean that companies should not send promotional gifts like calendars, mouse mats and pens? We think not.

These promotional gifts are very affordable and can do a world of good during hard times when relationships with business associates are very important, if not crucial. Examples of such affordable promotional items include promotional calendars. They will not blow your company?s budget and will keep your brand more prominent for your clients and increase the chances of getting more business in the future.

Calendar is one example; you could also give away customised pens imprinted with your business name and logo. Again, these will not cost you a fortune and can be an effective marketing tool that will bring new and retain old clients.

A practical way of promoting your business is by imprinting your logo, message, and contact details on a mouse mat. Recipients of such gift will appreciate its usefulness and are likely to use it on a day-to-day basis, thus giving you the prominence you were seeking.

The reason which makes promotional items attractive for businesses is the fact that when you buy them in bulk, their price goes considerably lower. This way you can save more money when you purchase more items ? ideal when you need to target large numbers of clients.

You can distribute promotional gifts during special occasions: corporate anniversary, exhibition or a product launch. Alternatively, you can not tie the distribution with a particular event and give the item at another time ? simply showing your client your appreciation for their custom. Such gifts will keep your brand in their memory and form a good picture of your business. This can also be extended to the friends, family and other business partners of your client.

When deciding on a gift you may want to be consistent ? i.e. always give the same type of item ? or show your creativity and versatility by making changes and keep your image more up-to-date with the time of year or with the latest craze. Recipients are likely to appreciate both quality traditional items such as calendars and innovative and business gifts like pens and mouse mats.

In conclusion, even though we are facing an economical crisis, sending out corporate gifts should remain a priority as they are not expensive and can bring tremendous benefits to a company.